About Me


Hello There!

My name is Amanda, and this is my blog, sketched out soul. I am an avid reader, and love to write as well. Through the years I have had many friends and acquaintances tell me that my poetry and music has helped them through hard times. My writing style, especially my poetry, is unique. Because of this fact, I was always very shy about sharing it. But recently, I have decided to post my work in a blog, in order to reach out to other people who may find it helpful, or enjoyable.

I am looking forward to posting poetry as well as short stories written from various perspectives. I play several musical instruments, and also digitally sequence music tracks on my computer. I look forward to sharing my creative expressions through various formats. I hope to connect with like-minded artists, and anyone that feels they have been touched by my work.

I decided to name this blog sketched out soul based on a very simple idea. I believe that everything that exists has an energy, a color, a sound if you will. And, that deep within everyone is a song. Whether it is spoken or sung, hidden or shared, melancholy or joyous, I believe it is there. And, by writing bits of words and music, perhaps I am sketching the framework of the inner being.