The Long Walk Home

The Long Walk Home

Happy Monday, my friends!

I apologize for being scare these past few days I am just getting over the worst cold ever. I thought that I had survived the winter without getting sick … that idea went right out the window.

Today’s poem is about experiencing uncertainty. I think we’ve all had one of those days where you’re out at a friend’s, or in a new situation, and you don’t quite pay mind to the clock, or the possible consequences. When darkness falls and the fun is over you’re left with the facing the night … Figuratively or Literally.
Here is “The Long Walk Home”.

how cotton the clouds
pitch black, the sky?
how soft is the moon-
light in your eyes?
how chill is the air
and silent the street?
how quickly now,
does your heart beat?
how fickle the stars
and clumsy your walk?
how do you calm
your chaotic thoughts?
how calming the music
how steady the beat
how to get home?
just follow your feet

Come sketch with me


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