The Sun Song

The Sun Song

Spring is here….ish, and the weather was quite nice out today. As all of the cold dreary weather passes, and life begins to spring again I couldn’t help but feel inspired by all of the wildlife in my area.

The warm caress
of springs new dress
the wind that stirs your hair
the sound of life
the trilling calls
that ripple through the air
come and walk
and hold my hand
and smile to the sky
the warm caress
and smell of you
the hours drifting by
hold my hand 
and lie with me
against the old oak tree
until the cool
and then the night
as daylight fades away
take me home
and hold my close
and promise me you'll stay

I think it goes to say that all seasons must share their turn in the wheel of the year, however spring and fall are my favorite. Still cool, bot yet warm, and all of the colors. Sometimes I wish I could curl up and make the season last a little longer. What’s your favorite season? Do you have someone to share it with? Let me know in the comment 🙂

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