Someone posted an interesting article including an exercise to help with your creative writing. The idea behind the exercise was to pick anything off of your desk, write down what it was, and just let the words flow into poetry. The item I selected was my smart phone, which was playing wood over water music.

Can you hear the music lilting higher
softly echoing inside
flowing swiftly like the river
ebbing gently like the tide
To hear their notes of expression
Playing out their hearts
of love and fear and of passion
Pulsing, lighting up the dark
In the chaos of my mind
a quiet calm is kindled
and from its’ influence, I unbind
and am whole again, unhindered

I think this poem has come out much better than I originally thought it would. I have to admit I have never been one to “write on demand” so I was skeptical about this exercise. I believe that everything around us has an energy, perhaps this shows I should be more open to experimenting with different perspectives. What do you think? Have you ever challenged yourself to create or do something outside your comfort zone? I think this would make for a great weekend project if you haven’t! Comment below or tweet me @Zerthspirit and let me know how it goes.

Come sketch with me.


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