Into Dawn

Into Dawn

Being in a long distance relationship can have its issues. I wrote this longingly as I looked back on our last visit. It’s a simple rhythmic poem that looks back over the quiet moments that blanketed the night. Long after the last picture was taken, the last plate cleared away, the last chore finished … And the last glass of wine in hand.

I feel the night, the chill the stars...
 the stir of wind and beating heart.
I hear the sounds, of dark and sleep...
 the stillness through the house does sweep.
I smell the sweat, the spice of life...
 the safe and warm, the candle light.
I taste your kiss, the wine, your skin...
 the love of you that draws me in.
dance the dance of love with me,
dance through the night and let's be free,
twine your hand in mine and sway,
all through the night and into day.

While I know this isn’t the most in-depth piece of writing, I really enjoy the imagery it conjures. It brings a sense of longing and yet also comfort. This piece is warm, and the memories it conjures make it so much easier to get through the day. I would love it if you left a comment or tweeted me @zerthspirit and let me know if you’re missing someone as well 🙂

Come and sketch with me.


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