To Sit Upon The Shore

To Sit Upon The Shore

A creative piece I wrote while unwinding and relaxing. It outlines the lazy day of a young girl staying at a guest house along the beach. I hope you enjoy the serene setting.

The warm wooden planks creaked softly beneath the young girls feet as she walked across the back deck of the house she shared with her family. It was a warm summer day in sunny North Carolina and the clouds in the sky were thin, and wispy, like pulled cotton. The house was on the beach, and sometimes, if you lie still on the deck, you could hear the water washing over the shore. It was days like today that the girl liked to walk down to the ocean front and look for seashells. She had a box with her favorite shells inside, she kept it on top of her dresser that sat by the window in her room. Sometimes she liked to make jewelry from the shells and stones that she collected, and even gave a bracelet made of blue shells to her friend for her birthday. Today, she decided, she would see if she could find some white stones to go in the bottom of the vase her mother put flowers in. ‘Wouldn’t it look so nice’ she thought ‘for there to be some lovely stones in the water to go with the flowers’. With this in mind the girl had gotten up this morning, and dressed in a soft blue sun dress trimmed in white lace, and put on her favorite soft brown sandals, and quietly left the house. She was glad for her sandals because the sand can become quite hot on bright sunny days. At the bottom of the stairs leading to the beach was a small wicker basket with a handle that had a blue ribbon tied to it. She bent over to pick it up, for it was her stone and shell collecting basket. Her father had made it for her last summer when she grew fond of gathering her pieces. The beach was one of her favorite places to be. She loved nothing more than to gaze out over the foamy waves and look at the men in their little sail boats. Some of them were fishers coming and going from their private docks, some were bigger boats that were farther out, their colorful sails standing out against the bright blue of the sky. Maybe when she was older she could have a boat, so that she could explore farther than her eyes could see. For years she had asked her parents what lay beyond the horizon of sight and, though they did their best to explain to her the variety of cultures and people, she felt a yearning to travel to these places herself one day. But not today.

For today, she was content to sit upon the shore and dream.


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