The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl

I was inspired by a song that was very melancholic, but beautiful. The energy of the music was very uplifting and I couldn’t help, but feel empowered. I remember feeling very much like the girl in the poem at one point in my life. I had gotten married young, and my husband was very controlling. When I had decided to leave him, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Sitting there with the silence hanging so heavily in the air it was a wonder we didn’t suffocate. When he first left I felt a mixture of freedom and relief and fear. The struggle to survive and thrive is one that I have encountered before, and have an intimate understanding of. No longer am I the child in the storm.

the quiet before the storm,
the calm,
the stars fade out and then
the dawn,
the colors bleeding through the sky
as crystals fall and naught is dry,
and thunder rolls but still she sings,
sad and lonely,
for her lost king
the day is young but all is dark...
and cold, alone, she loses heart,
the storm is raging with her tears,
crystalline and full of fears,
mingling beauty,
strength and ice-
she finds inside
what will suffice,
she marches on,
heartstrings drawn,
on her lips
is still her song,
confident and winning
despite the fight
she's whole and slender
and full of might
and twisted
and born in flames
the world will tremble
... to speak her name

I think this piece speaks strongly against the stereotype that women cannot be strong, or that they lack the ability to survive on their own. However, I think this can be applied to any person, regardless or age, sex, or race. We are all human, and we all have our own struggles. Finding your inner peace is not often an easy task, and many times we come away from the path broken and bruised. We should not despair at this, for the steel is tempered many times before it becomes the sword. Are you going through any trials right now? Have you ever fought your way through something you did not think you could survive? Comment below, or tweet me @Zerthspirit and let me know.

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