Broken Skies

Broken Skies

The sky was a soft washed out grey, on the day that I wrote this. The clouds tumbled in like waves upon the shore, and the wind had an almost silken quality to it. I knew the rain was coming long before I felt the first drops. My phone was cradled snugly in my hand as my eyes scanned the darkening skyline.  Hunched over as the drops fell I roughly dictated the opening lines of this piece.

bits of crystal hopes and dreams
dancing, falling
through broken seams, 
liquid and flowing 
hidden behind your eyes 
yearning,  desire 
as cold drops drip by

take my hand and wash away
the garish colors of the day
into fields of amber grain
the sky is purple 'gainst the rain
walk with me and bare your soul
and once again you'll become whole

in these fields of truth and love
as raindrops scatter from above
feel the earth, the strong and true,
the air you breath, that cradles you
the water, cleansing, chills your skin
the heat, the fire, burns within

Standing here 
Beneath dark skies
Take my hand
And realize
The ebb and flow
Of power here
Is of nature, life
Of death and fear
Brace yourself
And wait the storm
The night will end
And you'll be warm
Take my hand
I won't let go
When all is over,'ll know...
The answer that you seek.

I hadn’t written for a while, and then I was suddenly inspired to pen this. I think it’s a very powerful piece, and it’s one of my favorites. I find it very annoying when an artist tells someone what their piece is supposed to mean, as if there is only one way to interpret it. So, I will leave you with this as-is and let you interpret it as you find appropriate. If you wanted to leave a bit of a comment or tweet me @Zerthspirit and tell me what you think, you are most welcome.

Come and sketch with me.


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